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15 best experiences in Egypt for history, adventure and culture

1. Have breakfast at the pyramids 

8. Why not kick your visit to the pyramids up a notch with some falafel, hot mint tea and a vast picture-perfect panoramic view of the ancient wonder? Head to the 9 Pyramids Lounge for influencer-worthy photo ops and a solid Egyptian breakfast of freshly baked bread, feta cheese or a Tahini salad. 


2. Watch an authentic Tanoura performance in Cairo

Old Cairo is also home to the beautifully restored Wekalet el Ghouri Arts Center that hosts a wide array of cultural events. Here you can see an unforgettable Tanoura show – a whirling dervish performance that merges Egyptian folklore and Sufi spiritual chants. This colorful and mesmerizing one-hour experience is a must-see for anyone visiting Cairo. 


3. Experience Egyptian street food at Cairo's Kebdet El Prince 

Situated in the heart of Cairo’s Imbaba neighborhood is Kebdet El Prince, a haven of Egyptian street food with a side of quintessentially Cairene sensory overload. This bustling joint is ideal for anyone looking to experience Egyptian street food.